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Monica Wing-Yan Bailey

BSc(Hons) Acupuncture; MBAcC; Lic.Ac; MIFPA; APDHA

Therapies offer 

Classical Acupuncture

Holistic Facial Acupuncture

Classical Acupuncture emphasis "one acupuncture point can treat many diseases!" The point choice is carefully considered with balance heaven, man, and earth in mind.

As a life long student of Daoist lineage (Dr.Jeffrey Yuen), I tend to follow the old daoist way, which come to me natually. I grow up with this culture, and that is part of me.

To me, a real acupuncture treatment is not just about treating a person for his pain.  Looking into the root cause that creates the pain is the key to true healing. Therefore, my treatment would sometimes involves breathing exercise, meditation, healing sounds, etc. 

I take diagnosis seriouslly, therefore initial consultation takes time. And that tells me what's need to be fix.

Initial Treatment - £60 /1 Hr
Follow up Treatment - £50
Block Treatments available
Using a unique Japanese fine needling technique, we effectively eliminate the accumulated exhaustion on your face. 

We resolve the downward constricted patterns of your facial muscle movement and restore your youthful look by the tailored individual approach uniquely for your face. 

For instance, we restore the natural fullness in your temples and under the eye areas when they are sunken.  We reduce the puffiness of your eyelids when it makes you look tired.  The needling feels so relaxing that many cannot resist falling asleep.
​During the treatment, the other related parts of your body will also be treated, therefore a throughly diagnosis is important, .  This supports the internal systems which are beneficial to nourish and replenish the vitality of your skin.

For the best result, it is suggested: 

women aged between 40 – 59 received five sessions of facial acupuncture over three weeks.

Price for Holistic Facial Acupuncture: 
£75 - 75mins
£195 - 3 sessions
£320 - 5 sessions
£580 - 10 sessions

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tuina

After many years of bodywork, I created my own style of massage which came from my understanding of anatomy.

The way I work is unique, all about balancing the body, soothing pain, increasing the blood flow, it is important to tune into what your body needs to

I use a combination of Traditional Chinese tuina technique,  deep tissue, stretching, acupressure and effleurage. The pressure could be quite strong in certain area, if there's a need to fix practicular blockage. 

Price for Swedish Massage
£65 - 90 mins
£55 - 1 hr
£30 - 30 mins

Price for Deep Tissue Massage
£65 - 90mins 
£55 - 1 hr
£30 - 30mins

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

I practice Dr Bruni Chickly's method of Lymphatic drainage therapy.  I was trained in Hong Kong at the year 2005.

LDT is a gentle technique that works through the body's interstitial and lymphatic system to activat e the body liquid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.

LDT can assist the body to perceive and respond to the body's innate ability to heal itself.

The treatment reroute the lymph by following the subtle indications given by the body enhancing the healing process.

This eliminates mental mistakes in assuming we know what the body needs and therefore enforcing pathways that are not optimal.

Honoring the intelligence of the body ensures deeper and long lasting results.

Price for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

£65 - 90mins

Fire Cupping

Cupping is an alternative Chinese medicine which involves placing suction cups made from bamboo, silicone, or glass on the body. It is a form of massage often used alongside acupuncture therapy, although it can be done on its own. Although cupping appears to be a relatively new technique it originated in ancient China and has actually been around for thousands of years! 

Though primarily used for pain relief and muscle relaxation, research is now investigating the effects of cupping on conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. .

How does it work?
Cupping is believed to mobilise blood flow to the skin creating a mild immune response and increasing anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. It draws stagnant blood to the surface and improves blood circulation to the tissues. It stretches tight muscles and fascia making it a beneficial treatment for athletes.

Benefits of cupping
Pain reduction
Cupping, particularly moving cupping, has similar effects to a massage and is therefore beneficial in relieving muscular pain. Although further research investigating the effects of cupping on fibromyalgia needs to be done, one investigation found that cupping therapy was more effective at reducing pain intensity than regular care.

Releases muscle tension
Cupping softens muscle tissue and helps to relieve muscle knots which results in looser feeling, more flexible muscles.  

Improves digestion/relieves digestive disorders
Cupping is thought to improve digestion through relaxing the whole body. Stress, anxiety, and muscle tension can lead to congestion and stagnation in the digestive system. 

Price for Cupping:
£10 -  accompany wth acupuncture treatment
£30 - 30mins

5 Element Aromatherapy

I was trained in Asia Pacific Aromatherapy in Hong Kong for 5 elements acupuncture, in the past two years, I've been training with Dr.Jeffrey Yuen for Classical Chinese Medical Aromatherapy. Which had boarden my knowledge in applying essential oil in different system of the body.  Intensively trained for Essential oil for Respiratory system and Autoimmune and chronic degenerative disease. 

Aromatherapy in Classical Chinese Medicine use for strengthening the upright qi, eliminating toxins, or removing blockages. 

After detailed consultations,  the appropriate essential oils will be selected to formulate synergies for the treatment of individuals with different clinical problems, including degenerative conditions, psychological issues, lifestyle stressors, and infections.

Essential oil may be used as a complement to acupuncture, clay patch as a separate modality. 
Patients apply essential oil blends to acupuncture points at home in order to speed up the process of recovery in between visits.

Essential oils are very effective with children and other people who are sensitive to acupuncture needles.

Price for Aromatherapy:
£60 - 1hr
£30 - per prescriptions